Create CNetID

Welcome to the University of Chicago account services claims!

In order to set up your CNetID, password, and your account services, you'll need to know or have the following things. PLEASE DO NOT BEGIN CLAIMS UNTIL YOU HAVE EVERYTHING FROM THIS LIST:

  • Your ID number. This is typically your ChicagoID (which serves as the replacement for your Social Security Number), but can also be: your Student ID, Alumni ID, University of Chicago ISO number, or your SSN
  • Your date of birth.
  • Access to a device that you'll set up for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). You may use your cell phone, landline phone, a tablet, or a hardware token. Setting up more than one device is highly recommended. If you are planning to use your cell phone or tablet for 2FA, you must have a network connection in order to download the 2FA application, Duo Mobile, from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Once you have gone through the claim process, setting up your account may take up to three minutes — please do not close the page during that process or you may have to go through the claims process again.